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Sonic Generations Full Game Torrent File Cracked by 3DM
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Author: KeygensGames (5-11-2011, 12:48)
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Sonic Generations Full Game Torrent File Cracked by 3DM

In the fantasy world of Sonic chaos - unknown mysterious force has set up \"time holes\", which delayed the hedgehog and his friends. As a result, the hero will be involved in the unexpected events of our past and to meet with his classic incarnation - Sonic the hedgehog model 1991. Modern and classic Sonic must deal with a mysterious new enemy, save your friends and find out who is behind all these strange events.

Download Sonic Generations Full Game Torrent File Cracked by 3DM:
Sonic Generations Full Game Torrent File Cracked by 3DM

1. Download archive with the torrent file of the game
2. Download full game using this torrent
3. Install and play the game.

Uploader Note: If after installing the game does not start, open "wtFix" folder and copy "Sonic.exe" file from this folder to your game installation folder and after that click on the file that you copied (Sonic.exe)

To chage video setting use "ConfigurationTool.exe" file

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